Supply side Stem Cell Universe: EPC Value Prop

Whether therapeutic or research centric, the stem cell space can prove baffling, more so for a prospective entrant. Our 3D Approach (DEFINE-DESIGN-DEPLOY) has been specifically designed to help stem cell players move up the value chain in line with their scale and scope frameworks.Whether new entrants, VCs, entities from allied industries or existing players, we can help you with a tailored roadmap to tap opportunities, decipher technical intricacies, address regulatory approvals, build commensurate infrastructure, offer comprehensive services, create competitive edge and eventually capture better market share.
These are Incubation services for new entrants especially on market research, adoption of proven, validated stem cell lines, government and regulatory approvals, third party validations and legal certifications.
 These are blueprint services for state-of-the-art lab design, environmental control, quality control, cryopreservation technologies, procurement, validation & installation of equipment and tools, supply of consumables and infrastructure optimization in line with global best practices.
These are niche services including technical and scientific support, clinical facilitation, headhunting, operational management, value chain development, branding, PR and stakeholder communication, business development, product marketing and vale added content development spanning web, electronic and print media.
In addition, you can count on EPC Advisory for:
Patented and proven clinical expertise
Core Value chain of hospitals, clinics, doctors & researchers
Structured cost and service models
Accreditation of hospitals and clinics
Strategic business development
International campaigns, seminars and exhibitions
Streamlining immigration process for medical tourists
Creation of quality convalescence hubs

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