Anti-aging: It’s about systemic rejuvenation, not sensational reversal


There’ re countless misconceptions and pre-conceived notions revolving around stem cell therapeutic applications in the anti-ageing space. Most stem from the innate human desire to stay youthful for ever, a wish as unrealistic as overcoming death. And contrary to popular perception, the desperation to beat one’s age is not a tinsel town obsession alone, it’s universal. We all want to remain young and vivacious and forever.

Precisely why it’s of utmost importance to acknowledge the facts and steer clear of the fiction when we talk of anti-ageing. Ageing is inevitable like death. It’s not a disease in the conventional sense but it can be home to many diseases if we are negligent about its untimely or abnormal progression.

When we talk of stem cell applications to counter the effects of aging, we essentially mean a Systemic Rejuvenation Program (SRP) aimed at enhancing quality of life and boosting our minds and bodies to be able to do the things that make life meaningful and purposeful.

To appreciate SRP in the right spirit, it’s essential to put the aging process under the microscope. Our bodily cells constantly restore themselves during our life span. For instance, erythrocytes last for 120 days after which they are destroyed and replaced by new erythrocytes formed from bone marrow stem cells. Intestine cells live for 8 to 10 days and consequently replaced by new cells. When progressive decrease in stem cells disturbs this restoration process, the aging process is induced.

Aging is either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic Aging, accounting for 10 per cent of our aging, is inherited by virtue of genes, a continuous process that normally begins with mid-30s. Extrinsic aging, on the other hand, is induced by external factors like sun exposure, gravity, and life style abnormalities like lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and alcohol & tobacco abuse. Whatever the type, symptoms generally include wrinkled skin, hallowed cheeks & eye sockets, Loss of fat and firmness, bone loss and pigmentation. When this happens prematurely, we should sense something’s seriously wrong.

Stem Cell systemic rejuvenation therapy is a relatively new but very effective breakthrough in the medical field. It is a radically scientific practice that helps improve quality and longevity of life. Stem cell based therapies have successfully demonstrated noticeably reduced signs of aging, improved posture, mobility & quality of life. Stem cell transplants repair damaged, dying or dead cells to restore functionality and vitality in the skin, organs and tissues. Tissue engineering aided by stem cell research and technology is now potent with rich therapeutic possibilities. Stem cell based therapies are now focused on engineering adult stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells and fetal stem cells to develop or morph into the type of tissue necessary to restore optimal function and quality of life.

The extensive benefits of stem cell transplants vary from case to case but generally assist in the regeneration and revitalization of core internal organs and tissues. The revitalization of critical organs like liver, heart, and kidneys and core systems like the haemic and lymphatic systems obviously result in enhanced quality of life and functionality generally reflected through radiant appearance, uplifting moods, high energy levels and better sexual drive. Main effects observed in patients after fetal stem cell transplantation encompass all levels of organization and functioning of human body, and are arranged in a systemic way.

Our study of stem cell biology has thrown new light on the aging process in the form of a pioneering stem-spaces depletion theory. Stem-spaces are the pool of regional stem cells (mesenchymal, neural, hematopoietic stem cells, the basal stem cells of the skin, intestine, endocrine epithelium etc) called upon to compensate cells loss in specific tissues in the process of human remodeling organism. Human remodeling is an uninterrupted renewal of cells composition of all tissues and organs by cells of stem-spaces throughout the entire lifespan in which all differentiated cells have limited term of life. In our opinion, particular regional multi-potent stem cells create the stem-spaces of an adult organism.

According to our theory, aging is defined as a permanent reduction in the size of the body stem-spaces. The number of cells in stem-spaces defines the level of proliferative capacity of each stem-space while the dimensions determine the rate of aging of organs, tissues and systems. Expansion of the body’s stem-spaces for increasing the longevity and quality of human life is possible through application of allogeneic fetal progenitor cells.

EPC has developed a comprehensive systemic rejuvenation program with fetal stem cell based applications. Most anti-aging preparations and programs are aimed at stimulating the reparative systems of the human body that already function at the limit. Achieving rapid but short-term stimulation of the body resources only complicates this problem in the future and, in our opinion, does more harm than good. EPC therapy doesn’t stimulate restorative resources, it substitutes them to help restore a range of vital body functions, adjust metabolism, balance hormones and improve the nutrition and blood supply of tissues and organs; that undoubtedly lead to improvement of work capacity, prevention of different diseases, skin regeneration and enhancement of life quality. Younger the person, more steady and enduring is the effect that can be retained for more than 10 years. Benefits of fetal stem cell transplants and tissue extracts include: Rapid and substantial improvement of mental and physical activities of patients, stabilization and improvement of mood, positive psycho physiological changes, restoration of suppressed haematopoiesis and restoration of the immune systemic competence.