3 Extreme Behaviors Unhealthy People Often Exhibit


  1. They tend to look for the easiest way out. People who tend to live unhealthy lives also tend to want faster, simpler solutions. They want immediate results, rather than relying on hard work to get what they want or need. They tend to look for handouts, for others to do things for them, and to not have to work hard to achieve their goals.


  1. They almost always assume the worst. Those leading unhealthy lives tend to see the worst in everything. When they get news, their minds begin thinking of the worst possible scenarios. These same people often assume that other people don’t like them due to their unhealthy habits, they assume that they have messed up, or are going to mess up, and most believe that their attempts at success will ultimately fail or go unnoticed. They tend to believe that other people have negative intentions toward them and that they will go disliked.


  1. Unhealthy individuals don’t set goals for themselves. Individuals maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle often don’t create steps or goals for themselves, and they often quit before they begin when they do. Most of the time, they spend their entire lives doing nothing, not attempting to reach a better life for themselves. They will often confide in others that they would like better things in life, but are unwilling to set up goals to achieve what they want, much less create strategies that would improve them, their lives, or their situations.




My 2 cents on health


  1. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Eating a good balance of healthy foods, that contain elements such as fresh proteins and healthy fats, will give you the energy you need to workout, keep your fitness level up, and even achieve every day tasks more efficiently and with less effort. Along with eating healthy, one must drink plenty of water. Hydration is key to staying healthy and happy. Put down the soda, and pick up a refreshing glass of clean water.


  1. Exercise.

Many fitness instructors will suggest working out three to four times per week. This is an excellent place to start, and once you have your routine, you will find that it will be even easier to stick to your workout plan. You will begin to see the benefits, and it will only give you more motivation. Increased energy levels, easier breathing, and ease of movement are just a few benefits you will begin to notice.


  1. Ask for help.

Many of us are not accustomed to working out and/or eating right as a lifestyle. This is when seeking advice from a professional can unlock potentials you never even knew existed.


  1. Try new exercise or activities.

Trying new activities will allow you access to great opportunities. Learn a new skill, such as swimming, boxing, yoga, or even rock climbing. The possibilities really are endless, and you will find it is easier to enjoy time with your family and friends when you are active.


  1. Rest.

When you hear “getting healthy,” you probably think of all the exercise that comes with it. Many forget that resting is just as important as being active. When we forget to relax, we tend to stay stressed out. Being mentally rested and healthy is just as important as being physically fit.


  1. Enjoy life.

Don’t forget to stop and look at what you have around you. Enjoy time and activities with family and friends. A strong support system is key in reaching goals, and there is no better way to get that support than by enjoying time with the ones you love, while being active.