Measuring your Performance

We been ranting about reports and measuring performances, What is our objective behind this ? is the most important question that you have failed to ask and I have failed to answer. if we dont measure things we cannot determine our direction, A small correction is easier to make rather than waking up one fine day and realising that you are fallen way behind your schedules and targets.

Measuring things will bring up some hard facts and open up some serious flaws in your work habbits, Some of them will not be pretty and will make you do things that you really dont like to do. I would encourage you to take this step and step up.

We need to up our skill level, the competition is feirece and the only way we can surge ahead is if we have our fundamentals correctly in place.

Imagine your constructing a building, The most important phase is making sure the foundations are correct. Imagine the foundtions are uneven, or the right mix of the concerete is not in place. You will never be able to errect the building.

Setting goals is one thing but measuring your progress and working towards it requires committment. The current global conditions make it even tougher as the competition will become even steeper. Its good to have a roadmap in place with key markers in place, or else you may end up @ the wrong destinations.

I agree making reports isnt the easiet of things. Firstly what parameters to consider are also not known and we just give up so easily. The most important thing is to get it started. Once on the road I am sure you will improvise.

The intials can start with simply measuring the time spent vs productivity  ? Also whats more important is to study dynamics and as and when you figure out relationships between different variables we need to identify and start measuring them.

Measuring our activities will ensure a better understanding of our work, our shortfalls. which in turn will help you identify areas you need help on. Along  with that you will gain clarity about how you could end up improving productivity.

Improve productivity will help you to save your time and put it to better use.

In my experience alone i can say that we have had a good amount of  sucess my just using basic monitoring tools. In hindsight try and begin a coloaborative way of working towards in a more productive environment.

I would want and expect an 100 percent cooperation as we look to improve the productivity and operations that are carried out in our company.